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Welcome to the next generation
of large format

3D printing has gained the maturity for industrial use in prototyping, design, advertising and art. We have the printers for Your BIG ideas.
Its time to move.

KONG1000: play hard, work hard
timelapse video of large format print production

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KONG1000 features

KONG1000 is 3BOTS FFF Large Format 3D printer with a build-volume of one cubic meter = 35 cubic feet. Designed for industrial use, it combines speed and reliability, precision and innovation

BuilD Space

spans an impressive 1m x 1m x 1m. With a raised printbed that starts on eye level, loading and unloading is easy.

Z Ball Screws

A precise Z-axis is the foundation of every perfect print. KONG relies on a unique Z-axis-control with four separately driven and synchronized ball screw drives.

Y-Dual Extruder

KONG is shipped with a unique dual extruder that enables the use of two different materials in the same print.

Touch Panel

gives full control and status monitoring options. Start and stop prints and execute all configuration and service tasks.


KONG3D was designed with compact external dimensions. The narrow side measures 135cm, the long side (front) 165cm and the height ca 150cm.

Servo Belt Drive

The hotend is driven by an XY- dual servo belt system, allowing highest speed, precision and acceleration.

Heated Bed

for temperatures up to 70 °C. The automatic bed levelling system makes sure the bed is always perfectly leveled.


KONG3D allows you to use two 10kg filament spools, each actively driven and controlled.

KONG700 features

KONG700 is 3BOTS FFF medium format 3D printer with a build-volume of 1/4 m3 = 8.5 cubic feet. A solid solution for everyday printing applications, including vertical markets like molding, prototyping or packaging.

BuilD Space

allows for objects up to 690 x 680 x 490 mm. The printbed rises from top to bottom with easy loading and unloading.

Z Ball Screws

Two ball screw drives plus four linear bearings keep the printbed stable and parallel, a must for a perfect first layer.

Y-Dual Extruder

KONG700 is shipped with a unique dual extruder that enables the use of two different materials in the same print.

Touch Panel

at the front bar gives full control and status information. A light bar at the bottom front shows the exact progress of the print.


KONG700 was designed to fit through a standard office door, enabling applications in a wide range of creative or technical departments. Outside volume is 892 x 810 x 965mm (WHD)

Servo Belt Drive

The hotend is driven by an XY-dual servo belt system, allowing highest speed, precision and acceleration.

Heated Bed

for temperatures up to 100 °C. The automatic bed levelling system makes sure the bed is always perfectly leveled.


KONG700 allows you to use two 2.5kg filament spools with filament flow detection.

3BOTS 3D EngineerinG
 Products & services

3BOTS is a startup from Berlin with a young but experienced team.
Our mission is to develop the best large format 3D scanning and printing solutions for industrial and artistic applications.
We develop, design and manufacture our machines in Berlin.

Ideas outside the box

Our broad know-how always allows us to think outside the box. We construct conservatively but use modern tools and technologies to improve performance, weight, size, efficiency and speed.
This helps to stay ahead.

Optimised for speed

Speed and precision are everything in additive manufacturing. That's why we focus our attention on exactly these points. With each new system and every new development, we improve handling, accuracy and speed.
You can profit from our ambition.

Open Systems

In our systems we use open interfaces and open software. This is the only way to guarantee long-term maintainability, manageable operating costs and employees that can be used across all manufacturers.
An investment in future.

Dedicated Support

We also support you after your purchase. With advice and consulting. And training to build your own know-how. With consumables, software updates and enhancements - to continue to provide you with the best solutions in the market.

Meet Our Team

At 3BOTS we are a small development team with a clear focus on development and production of our 3D printers. Sales and logistics are outsourced. Currently we are working in the creative environment of motionlab.berlin, the premier hardware coworking space in the middle of Berlin.
Andreas Jankowsky

is the Managing Director of 3BOTS. He studied electrical engineering and has been responsible for development and product marketing of complex electronic systems. At the renowned print service provider jam-fineartprint he led the color management and art reproduction department.

Andreas M. Jankowsky

studied business informatics and afterwards was responsible for software development at Macron AG. In this role, he developed various special software for use in the graphic arts industry. Stefan supports 3BOTS with his sales experience.

Sales Director
Member Photo

Christoph’s role is software development for 3BOTS. He supervises the conceptual planning of the software and develops mathematical models for the simulation of print parameters and mechanical influences. Christoph studies mathematics at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Software Engineering
Member Photo

has been working on the design of KONG since its first days. He studies mechanical engineering and is responsible for the mechanical design of our 3D printers.

Mechanical Engineering
  • We're only at the beginning of additive manufacturing. This is the technology that builds our future.
    Andreas Jankowsky
    3BOTS 3D Engineering, CEO
  • KONG offers us the room for for full-scale prototypes of injection-molding forms. This gives us an important competitive edge.
    Bernd Tollmann
  • When we first came to 3D printing, we had no idea what was possible already. Now we are using KONG3D as a central part of our design and decision-making process.
    Cornelia Zabel
    ooge.com, COO

Latest blog posts

See our Blog or visit us on Facebook to see what we are working on. Stay tuned for more info.
grosse Teile drucken

Learning 3D printing

Our KONG1000 was model for creating an online 3D printing seminar.
Movie was produced by Berlin Tech Academy, who specialises in education- and training programs for new industrial technologies.

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Formnext Show


The formnext show 2018 in Frankfurt/M was a great success for our new 3D printer KONG700. The printer was on display at the booth of our partner 3dk who is also manufacturer of the 3dk line of standard and specialty filaments.

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Dual Printhead


In the last month we have extruded lots of filament to test machines, filament flow and our extruders.
We now have our advanced dual extruder, that incorporates all findings of the many structures we have printed.

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