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formnext 2018


The formnext show 2018 in Frankfurt/M was a great success for our new 3D printer KONG700. The printer was on display at the booth of our partner 3dk who is also manufacturer of the 3dk line of standard and specialty filaments.
KONG700 shares many components with its bigger brother KONG1000 but was specifically designed to meet the size requirements of certain vertical markets, like molding and packaging industries.
Fitting through a standard office door (82cm) is also an important issue for many userers in d=the design industry as well as the engineering departments of industrial customers.

KONG700 offers a servo driven X + Y axis, a heated bed with atomated bed levelling and support temperatures up to 260C at the Nozzle and 100C at the heatbed - sufficient heat for many new specialty materials like K-TOP.

3dk.berlin has developed K-TOP for industrial customers and tested it in a successful pilot phase at a major automotive supplier. After printing the parts get tempered at 110°C inside a convection-oven and cooled down slowly. The proper tempering time depends strongly on the volume of the built object - it has to be heated thoroughly.

The 4th dimension shows itself while crystallizing the material, which triggers the structural change of the material. Thus a thermal resistance of 200 °C (constant load) or 230 °C (peak) is reached.

If crystallization is spared, the print result is extremely impact resistant and can take huge mechanical loads. Temperature resistance is around 80°C. Among others, K-TOP enables totally new applications for the vacuum forming industry.
Stay tuned!

formnext 2018

Advanced Dual Extruder

In the last month we have extruded lots of filament to test machines, filament flow and our extruders.
We now have our advanced dual extruder, that incorporates all findings of the many structures we have printed.

Driven by the most powerful and trusty Bondtech extruders (they use a geared stepper motor and the proven and highly celebrated Dual-Drive technology for maximum reliability and driving force. This feeds into our Y funnel to guide the filament into the proprietary high performance Hotend.

Powered by up to 80W and using a long heating zone, it offers plenty of heat capacity even for high volume extrusion. The special manufactured brass nozzle (typical 0.8mm = 1mm track width) offers an outstanding lifetime. The extruded material is instantanously cooled by our unique pressurized air fan ring, responsible for the impressive overhang capabilities of the KONG line of printers.

total control

The 3BOTS printheads are equipped with different sensors: a rotary encoder for each extruder allows exact control of filament flow. This information in addition to the extruder stepper signal identifies problems in the filament supply. The acceleration sensor placed near the Hotend gives information about all Hotend moves - intended and unintended. Vibration or collisions can be automatically detected and as a result the controller can proactively compensate for dangerous situations. Solid mechanics plus intelligent control makes the KONG Dual Printhead an important component of our intelligent print platform.

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Printing big parts

Over the last weeks our Large Format FFF 3D Printer KONG3D has printed big part for deko and prototyping - right here at the motionlab.berlin